Building an MVC 4 website

I joined Motorola Solutions as a Summer Intern in May and was given an assignment to build a full-fledge website from scratch which will be used by a whole department internally. It was an independent development assignment while working with stakeholders. I was given freedom in technology decision as stakeholders were majorly interested in end-product not the intrinsics.

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

I realized this to be true here as every time I need to take a decision, first I need to research for other plausible solutions and consider the merits and demerits of each. Finally after three months, It feels great having a full-fledge tool which is (or will be) used by many people across department. Moreover, this was a great learning experience as I worked from database to implementation to user interface development.

I used following tools and frameworks for this application:

It was a great learning experience as I got a chance to learn different technologies and write maintainable code base. However, during the whole process I kept posting links to good articles which helped me from time to time and would like to share it with readers of my blog.

Consolidated document to concepts and issue faced while working on this assignment:

Building an ASP.NET MVC 4 website from Scratch

Please feel free to add comment or content to that document. I realized currently there is no book in market which focuses on “ MVC 4 with Model First database” as most of the textbooks have used Code First approach.

Thank you!!