Creating JavaScript objects

There are three ways to create objects in Javascript.

Object literal: Easiest and cleanest way to create “one” object. However, Somewhat complex to add functions on prototype.

var foo = { name: "default", age: 25 };

Constructor: Use it if you want to create multiple objects of same type and need more control over the prototype chain.

function Person() { = "default"; this.age = 25;}
Person.prototype.setName = function(val) { = val; }
var p2 = new Person();

Object.Create(proto, prop): This approach is great if you want to create an object from a constructor function, but only inherit Prototype functions not Constructor properties.

var p3 = Object.create(Person.prototype, 
                { city: 
                    { writable: true, 
                        value: "Philly"

For example, here Person constructor function has name and age properties but p3 object will inherit only prototype function i.e. setName().