I am Rohit, a full-stack software developer who loves to solve day-2-day problems using technology. Currently working majorly on JavaScript developments.

Apart from work, I like to practice yoga, run, hike, read (sociology, leadership, technology), play Piano, cook, travel and road trips.

Favorite quotes:

“Do the best with what you have, wherever you are. Don’t worry about which car you drive. Focus on being a good driver.”
“We are concerned that we are not good enough, but the trick is to focus not on how good you are but on getting better.”
“You can either fit in or stand out. Not both.”
“It ain’t what you do, It’s the way you do it.”

According to Calling Cards, my strengths are:

  1. Solving Problems (Realistic)
  2. Getting Things Right (Conventional)
  3. Creating Trust (Social)
  4. Empowering Others (Enterprising)
  5. Adding Humor (Artistic)

I hope you learn something new in upcoming posts. Please feel free to share your feedback at info@rkandhal.com or @rohitkandhal.


Disclaimer: All posts and opinions on this blog are my own and do not represent my employer in anyway.